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Unlock your artistic power with MonAI, your source for fast, unlimited, free AI art!
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Mar 17, 2024
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Unlock your artistic power with MonAI, your source for fast, unlimited, free AI art!
1) Just enter a prompt. Steampunk captain. Puppy riding a bike. What do you want to create?
2) Select a style. Anime, Photorealistic, Digital Painting…so many great looks!
3) Tap the Create button. Your art will be ready in seconds!

Feel like Monet with MonAI, the AI art creator powered by Stable Diffusion. Scroll through the Home feed for ideas and inspiration. See something you like? Tap the edit button to customize it or see it with your favorite subject. MonAI is similar to Midjourney, but free.

Want to dive deeper? MonAI has great features in the advanced menu, starting with an easy Keyword selector. Looking for new ideas? Look no further.

Create art from images! Start from a photo or make a drawing to guide the AI.

Use negative prompts to fine tune your images and remove things you don’t want.

Several image sizes to choose from. Create a custom wallpaper for your phone!

Lots of AI models to explore with more added all the time! All the newest and most advanced AI art technology, right in your hand!

MonAI is full of rich features and helpful tutorials you won’t find anywhere else.

Want a chance to be featured on social media? Look for our daily word challenge at @monai_art! Meet a wonderful community of AI artists!

MonAI is a US company, based in the heart of the midwest. We want to share the joy of creativity through AI art. Please join us as we explore the next artistic movement!


What's new

Added IP Adapters (Prompt with Images): Now use images to guide the image generation process along with text descriptions. This dual-input feature enhances the accuracy and relevance of the generated images.

Advanced Image Prompts: Delve into the advanced options under "Image Prompts" to discover features that allow for consistent character creation across your projects. Provide face images to ensure characters maintain a uniform look throughout your narratives or series.


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