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Make fabulous live photos, live wallpapers & gifs with animation effects using Movepic 3d photo editor & video motion editor with music. Add amazing animation effects, including 170+ dynamic sky replacement, 230+ live 3d stickers, as well as 140+ popular 3d filter and overlays. Particle dispersion, glitch arts and more!
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Download Movepic Mod Apk v3.7.4 For Free! Movepic’s intriguing mobile software is a terrific tool to have on your Android devices if you find that your images and photos are becoming boring and unpleasant because of their static states. Here, Movepic will not only assist you in taking stunning photos with amazing visuals, but Android users will also discover that they can make the most out of their mobile application and produce stunning moving images with amazing visuals.

You can now utilize your mobile devices to take gorgeous pictures and many types of photos. In order to completely lose yourself in the striking visual experiences, feel free to add specific visual effects and adjustments. Most notably, Movepic’s Android customers ought to be able to appreciate stunning moving images with amazing visual effects because of the motion effects that have been included to your mobile photo editor.

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How Does Movepic function?

If Movepic is an intriguing mobile application that piques your curiosity, you can now fully utilize all of its features to enable Android users to participate completely in the photo-creation experiences. This is where the app’s robust built-in camera app comes in handy. It can be used to capture any film at the best possible quality while also letting you apply a wide range of pre-filters with different visual effects and impressions.

Additionally, the fun mobile app has a robust photo editor that you may use to quickly and easily totally personalize your photographs. Here, the app offers a wide range of photo-editing choices that will significantly improve your visual perceptions and experiences. Most importantly, though, Movepic allows you to create a far stronger visual impact because of the incredible effects of moving photos. Please utilize as many of the app’s effects as you like to fully immerse yourself in the experiences.


Android users will have to pay for the full edition of the software in order to ensure that they can fully use Movepic’s interesting mobile application, which isn’t always an option for most users. However, there are still certain restrictions on how freely you can utilize it.

Additionally, you must run the software on your most recent Android devices running firmware version 4.3 or higher in order for it to work correctly on your devices. Most significantly, though, in order to fully use the app’s functionality, you will need to grant it certain rights.

Additionally, Android handsets with a great camera setup are always a better option if you intend to use your built-in camera to take images in Movepic. You can utilize these devices for a variety of purposes. You’ll be able to experience the finest shots and pictures that your cameras have to offer thanks to this.

Fantastic Features of Movepic

The following is a list of every amazing feature available on the app:

Just incorporate animations into your still photos.

For those of you who are interested, you can now add motion to your still photos by using the fun Movepic mobile application. Here, you may animate any available elements inside your photographs thanks to the fantastic in-app features. You can customize the movements to your liking, change the tempo, or add loop animations to enhance the overall pleasure and engagement of your visual experiences. Feel free to add specific animations, make flowing rivers and clouds, and improve the flows with your own special transitions. Which should all provide a great deal of activity to your static photos.

Enjoy adding own artwork to the surroundings to bring them to life.

Moreover, Movepic allows Android users to edit their moving clouds, rivers, and sunsets in different ways to add even more interest to their animated photo elements. You should be able to apply distinct color options to your chosen elements or transform them into pixel artworks here, in addition to the moving photo elements. This enables you to fully adjust the colors of the chosen items and modify your in-app experiences in an efficient manner.

Utilize your super camera setup to capture stunning photos.

Movepic now delivers its realistic camera movement effects, which feature several creative transitions and potent effects, to enable Android users to capture their stunning photographs with the most amazing visual experiences. Which you can just put to your cameras prior to taking the photos. You’ll be able to fully appreciate your imagery experiences and make your photos stand out from the crowd as a consequence. In order to really appreciate the app, don’t forget to take advantage of its fantastic camera effects.

Use specific overlays to market your moving pictures.

For those of you who are curious, Movepic’s fantastic mobile software offers its exclusive photo overlays, which will add eye-catching visual effects to your artistic creations. You can experiment with a variety of motion graphic effects here, providing captivating visual experiences. Feel free to incorporate your own cinematic effects to give even more excitement to the videos. Activate the weather overlays or sparkles to add various environmental effects to your photos. Alter the moving background as you choose by adding custom overlays. As a result, you can use the program to freely generate a variety of interesting and original photographs.

Several effects of mixing and overlap

At the same time, Movepic now makes use of its incredible double exposure feature to help you showcase the photos that were taken with the supplied camera setup. This allows you to easily blend and overlap your images with several photos, giving you access to a variety of editing choices. Above all, you have complete control over how your double exposures are made.

Take full advantage of the integrated photo editor.

If you’re interested, you may now freely alter the images and photos that are available to you by using the in-app photo editor that is supplied. Please feel free to use the program for basic editing tasks like cropping, rotating, and changing the color of an image.

Alternately, have fun experimenting with the numerous effects that are available to further personalize your photos. From enhancing the images using expert photo-editing tools to applying stickers with eye-catching motifs. Everything will be accessible through Movepic’s innovative mobile application, which should greatly simplify your ability to deal with the available photographs at will.

Enjoy our website’s unlocked app.

Movepic is still a freemium software, so if you want to get the most out of it, you’ll have to pay for its in-app purchases. On our website, there is a modified version of Movepic that is fully free and unlocked, should you prefer. All you have to do is visit our website and get the Movepic Mod APK (VIP Subscription Unlocked). You can successfully install it on your mobile devices by following the directions that are provided. Enjoy the feature-rich smartphone app and have fun easily altering your photographs.

Final Choices

Movepic is undoubtedly a fantastic app to enjoy if you are familiar with the distinctive motion graphics in PixaMotion and a few other mobile applications. You are free to use its regular motion image creation features here. Additionally, Movepic’s newly incorporated in-app capabilities will guarantee that you can utilize it to produce the best possible moving pictures. Lastly, you ought to find yourself enjoying the software much more as a result of the free and unlocked in-app features.



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New features are coming! Let’s check out the new Movepic!
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