Puma Image Compressor MOD APK 1.0.77 (Premium Unlocked)

πŸ“Έ Resize and compress your photos and images in a quick and easy way with our easy image resizer.
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πŸ“Έ Resize and compress your photos and images in a quick and easy way with our easy image resizer.

🐱 Puma, the simple-to-use picture resizer, is your one-stop shop for reducing, resizing, downsizing, compressing and downscaling photos and other images.

It doesn’t matter whether your images are photos, pictures or documents. 🐱 Puma, the image resizer and compressor will squish, squash and squeeze them down to a more manageable image size. Meaning you can more easily send and share your photos via email or social media.

● Send big images via email
● Send images via text / MMS messages
● Reduce space on your phone
● Decrease cloud storage costs
● Share photos easily to social media networks
● Resize images for your website or ecommerce page
● Send images from abroad with weak wifi or limited data
● Use less data and save money

😼 Puma lets you make photos smaller without a visible loss in quality. And you can do this in two ways:
● Resize images – With 🐱 Puma you can resize a photo or picture by changing its dimensions (the image resolution). This maintains the aspect ratio of your photo or picture so that it still looks the same.
● Compress images – Our image compressor lets you compress pictures by changing their quality (by an amount that isn’t visible to the human eye in the compressed pictures). This is supported by file types such as jpeg and webp.

Just want to make a picture smaller, and don’t really care about the technicalities? No problem! Our easy image resizer can do the following:
● Reduce pictures to a file size – You can reduce a picture greatly in size, from Mb to Kb (megabytes to kilobytes). Let’s say you just need to reduce the image size to fit in an email message. Simply choose the output image size in Mb or Kb and let our photo resizer do the rest. It will quickly reduce any photo down to that size.
● β€˜Just make it smaller’ – If you just want to make pictures smaller as quickly as possible, this is for you. This quick and easy image resizer option will resize and compress a photo down for you automatically using our special optimised formula.

🐱 Puma, the photo resizer and image compressor is packed with features:
● Image comparison – Compare the original photo with the new, scaled photo to confirm quality
● Pre-made presets – Adjust photos quickly and easily with the built-in presets
● Custom resolution, file-size & quality – Tweak photo output to be just right
● Batch compression – Resize & compress multiple photos at once
● Send directly – Upload new pictures direct to email to send
● Share directly – Easily share your pictures to the most popular social media sites
● Multiple photo formats – .png, .jpeg, .jpg, .webp and more

If you resize and compress often, or you’re just a premium kind of person, this image resizer upgrade is a great choice:
● No ads – Hooray! Ads help keep our image resizer free. Premium takes them all away.
● Batch photo compressor – Resize unlimited pictures! Compress your whole photo library in one go with our batch photo resizer
● Change output folder – Take full control of your resized pictures
● Direct email support – Problem? Question? Feature request? Talk directly to the team!
● Keep EXIF data – Retain all the data embedded in your scaled photos including time, date and place you took the photo

With our image resizer, your photos are in the safest hands of all – your own.
When 🐱 Puma, Photo Size Editor, resizes images they stay on your phone, and we never get to see them.
We don’t harvest your data, sell it to third parties, or anything else underhand.


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Adapting the Puma app to Android 13.

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