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Muslim Bangla - Al Quran Majeed, Prayer Time app is a complete islamic app.
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May 15, 2014
Mar 10, 2024
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Muslim Bangla – Al Quran Majeed, Prayer Time app is a complete islamic app.
Since 2013, Salat Time (Namajer Somoy) is providing the most reliable resources to calculate Prayer Times & Qibla direction all around the world & help you obtain Sahri & Iftar time in Ramadan.

App Features-

Prayer Time (Salat Time/ Namajer Somoy/ Salah) Section:

• Provides correct Prayer times in major cities of the world. Also provides a permanent timetable & calendar of prayers for each district of Bangladesh
• Daily 5 Waqt Faraj, Nafal & Prohibited Prayer Times
• Correct time Auto Azan/Adhan Alarm.
• Fajr, Dhuhr, Asar, Magrib, Isha, Tahajjud, Sahri, Iftar, Sunrise, Noon, Sunset
• Auto Location detection/ Traveller Mode is available in settings
• Islamic Foundation & Normal Mode
• Prayer Times part is much reacher than Athan Pro, Muslim Assistant & VMuslim Prayer Times app and much better choice rather than Muslim Pro & Salatuk app

Quran Majeed (Quran Sharif/ Al Quran Majeed Bangla) Section:

• Quran section provides 70 Translations with 15+ Tafsirs
• Mawlana Muhiuddin Khan, Mufty Taqi Uthmani, Islamic Foundation translations available
• Tafsir Mariful Quran, Tafseer Tawjihul Quran, Tafsir Ibn Kathir
• Bengali, English, Urdu, Arabic Tafsir
• Word by Word Quran is available in Bengali, English Language with Transliteration/Pronunciation
• Tajweed / Tajwid Quran is available in Surah, Para & Bookmark section
• Transliteration & Bengali, English, Urdu, Farsi, French, Indonesia, Hindi, Melayu etc translations
• Verse-Verse Play, Full-Sura Play with Bengali audio
• Surah & Word Search, Bookmark, Last Read
• Quran part is much reacher than Quran Explorer & Quran Pro app and much better choice rather than Al Quran Tafsir & by word app

Printed Quran Section:

• Printed Quran part contains popular formats for reading Quran
• Hafizi Quran Saudi & Emdadia print, Nurani/Noorani Quran Calcutta/Kolkata print, Madani Quran, Color Tajweed Quran
• From Surah menu, select Surah & then select specific verse number -> & it will go to the specific page
• From Juz’ menu, select Juz number & then select specific page number -> & it will go to the specific page
• Verse by verse audio play & Full Surah audio playing option
• Night Mode, Bookmark, Last Read option
• Hafizi/Nurani/Madani/Tajweed part is better than Quran for Android App

Other Features:

• 8 Special Theme
• Mosque Finder
• Hadith: Bukhari, Tirmidhi, Muslim, Nasai, Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah, Musnad-e-Ahmad, Muwatta Imam Malik etc
• Islamic Bayan/Waz by leading Islamic scholars in Bengali, Urdu & English
• Dua Durood (Hisnul Muslim): Dua Audio, Authentic Masnoon Dua, Zikir(Dhikir) with Al Hadith reference
• Learn Quran: Nurani Quran Learning in 27 hours with correct pronunciation of Arabic alphabet & Quran spelling
• Contains Monthly calander up to 10 years
• Provides Every years Important Islamic Days by calculating autometically
• Digital Tasbeeh Counter, Add New Tasbih, Settings, Vibration
• Qibla compass
• 15000+ Masayels, Search & Ask question to Mufty
• 1000+ Bengali Islamic Kitabs/ Islamic Books/ Ebook includes authentic Tafsir of Al-Quran, Islamic History, Madani & Darse Nezami Books of Qawmi Madrasa, Sihah Sittah Hadith, Tablig etc
• Zakat Calculator
• Namaj Shikkha/Sikkha: Learning male, female prayer differences, rules of ablution etc
• Bengali, Gregorian & Hijri Calendar

Special Features:

• Islahi Mahfil, Jumah Boyan, Tabligh, Ijtema, Dawatul Haq latest boyans & Waz can be found.
• Weekly Quran Tafsir lectures, Learn Quran classes & zoom meetings to ask religious questions, fatwa.


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পরীক্ষামূলকভাবে "কুরআন ভার্সন - ২" সংযুক্তিকরণ (সেটিংস সেকশনে)
নতুন উইজেট সংযুক্তিকরণ
রাবী হিসাবে হাদীস।
সাহাবীদের জীবনী।
প্রবন্ধে কমেন্টের অপশন।
ডিজাইন উন্নয়ন।

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