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🌟 (New) Tap to translate into multiple languages!

The Stoics of the Old, from the learned Greek slave Epictetus to the renowned Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. They’re skilled teachers imparting wisdom to anyone who studies them.

Stoicism has helped and still continues to guide many to achieve happiness in life, or what they call “eudaimonia” (It’s a deep sense of sense of fulfillment and well-being).

To achieve it, the stoics follow the 4 cardinal virtues. Namely, wisdom, courage, moderation, justice and all that is good. Straying away from this are all the vices that are bad. Then, there’re preferred and dispreferred indifferent.

πŸ’‘ Wisdom πŸ’‘
It’s about understanding the world around you, seeing it for what it is, and putting aside your own judgments and biases. To see things as they really are, not what you like them to be.

Doing so, enable you to make excellent decisions in all matters of life. Constant practice allows you to navigate life’s challenges with clarity and insight.

βš” Courage βš”
Courage is the ability to face challenging situation, adversity, or obstacle without being overwhelmed by fear or be shaken with uncertainty.

It’s not the elimination of fear, desire, or anxiety; it is acting in the right way despite it. Courage is about standing up for what is right, even when it’s difficult or unpopular, and staying true to your principles in the face of opposition.

β˜• Moderation β˜•
Popularly known as temperance, self-discipline, or self-control. It helps to guard you against the extremes. Avoiding excess and seeking contentment in simplicity.

Through moderation, it prevents you from being swept away by external events, desires, and emotions to maintain a sense of inner peace.

☺ Justice ☺
Justice means how to treat others as you would like to be treated in Stoicism. It’s how to behave, act, and respond to one another. How to treat others fairly.


There are various practices associated with Stoicism that you can exercise.

πŸ’– Practice virtues
🧠 Dichotomy of Control
⏳ Memento mori
✍🏼 Journaling/Reflection
🧐 Premeditatio Malorum
😎 Amor Fati (the love of fate)
πŸ–Ό Bird’s-eye view
πŸ™πŸΌ Practicing gratitude

App Benefits

The Stoic app is a simple yet beautiful way to deliver distilled Stoic wisdom over the centuries to you and anyone who wants to learn and improve themselves.

Learning Stoicism won’t remove all of life’s obstacles, but it helps you to think differently about them. It won’t provide you with all the answers, but it gives you the ability to form the questions that ultimately lead to the solutions.

The philosophy makes it clear that becoming the best version of yourself involves striving for an excellent character β€” one that can effectively help you create a world worth living in β€” both for yourself and for others.

The Stoic app is a great starting point in guiding you to a less confusing world and gaining a better state of perspective of the world. Choose wisely!


Meet the authors with a succinct description in the app.
βœ” Marcus Aurelius
βœ” Seneca
βœ” Epictetus
βœ” Zeno
βœ” Gaius Musonius Rufus
βœ” Chrysippus
βœ” Hierocles


βœ” Daily notification to reflect and ponder on
βœ” Tap to translate feature in multiple languages
βœ” Speak aloud quote based on your Text To Speech (TTS)
βœ” Bookmark your favorite quotes
βœ” Share your best quote with your loved one
βœ” Offline viewing when there is no internet connection
βœ” Simple and minimalist with polished UI, dark mode
βœ” Learn more about the philosophers
βœ” Open quote in full view to immerse in contemplation
βœ” Full-text search for quotes
βœ” Library feature to study in-depth on Stoicism
βœ” Selected book recommendations to read
βœ” Select pick of encouraging poems in the Library
βœ” Free works to read (Moral Letter to Lucilius & On Shortness of Life)
βœ” Notion & Insights feature to record thoughts (Coming soon)


What's new

- Reduce quote horizontal scroll sensitivity.
- Polish and Portuguese language translation models are added.
- Trigger warning animation can be turned off in settings.
- Dynamic reflection animation can be controlled in settings.
- Fixed crashing while changing theme.


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